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If you don't have a fax machine, it is still no problem because you can get a no fax payday loan online. Browse the listings on our main Payday Loan page and you will find quite a few services you can turn to for faxless / no fax payday loans. In the past you may have needed to fax documents to get a payday loan online, but now you can easily get an online cash advance with no faxing.

There are numerous good choices for a no fax payday loan online, such as 123 Online Cash and Paycheck Today. Each of these cash advance service offers payday loans with no faxing required, which is great when you don't have a fax machine and prefer the ease of a faxless application process.

It really is easier than ever these days to get a no fax cash advance online. The companies have streamlined the application process, so that there is very little information to fill out and no faxing of documents is required.

They have also made the approval process much easier, since instant approval is possible and approval within an hour is relatively common at the top payday loan companies. Plus approval is also easier because most of these services do not do credit checks. This means that if you have no credit or even bad credit, you are still likely to be approved.

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All in all it is much easier than ever to get a no faxing payday loan these days, and making the application faxless really helped. Many people have no fax machine, and with the Internet making communications faster and easier, it is nice not to have to fax documents.

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